8 Feb 2015

My top models from ANTM

I have been an avid watcher of the Americas Next Top Model series for a very long time, so i thought, why not make a post about a few of my favourite contestants?

Leila Goldkuhl 
 She was definitely one of the most likeable girls on the show and I was devastated when I found out she had been eliminated! Only for the joy to be brought back as she returned a little later on in the series, and there was no one who deserved it more! She is definitely flawless and is ridiculously pretty! The photo here is one from her instagram, which has tons more incredible photos. Leila was from cycle 19, so one of the more recent series, but has really done well for herself considering she placed third.

Jourdan Miller
I found Jourdan to be so versatile. If you look back to when she started the series to now where you can type her name into google, it seems like a different person. There's no denying she is naturally beautiful,  but she really seems to dominate so many of the photos. She ended up winning cycle 20, and I'm sure you can see why. Again, this is a photo from her instagram, which is also full of more incredible shots.

Laura James

Laura was the winner of cycle 19, and was without a shadow of a doubt my favourite throughout the whole of the series. She seemed to take the competition seriously yet still provide an element of fun to the house. She seemed determined and motivated and knew what she wanted at the end of the day. Laura came across very professional and always seemed to give 110% in all challenges and shoots.
Here is a link to her instagram, it was hard to choose just one photo to put on here.

Erin Wagner

I found the majority of her shots to be so powerful, she really connected in every photo. Again, flawless in every sense. Some say she complained a little too much, which may be true, but nevertheless, she made up for in in her photos. Erin was a part of cycle 13, so a little further back that the previous 3. This was also the 5ft7 and under cycle. She doesn't have very many professional photos on her instagram but even so, they are stunning.

10 Dec 2014

Sorry Sorry and another Sorry

I have been up to my neck with work and as a result I haven't been on the ball with blogging. I am so annoyed I haven't had the chance to blog more recently but I will try and stay a bit more on top of things. My first term has just about come to a close, I'm in my last few days before christmas, and I can say it has honestly been the best 12 weeks in a long time! Sure, I am tired beyond repair and I don't think I'm going to cope with the amount of revision I have to do before january exams but, at least I can say it's worth it. I think I am going to set up an instagram for this blog too, we will see! Once again, sorry!x

19 Oct 2014

My cheeky shopping trip today, Zara & New Look haul!

I only went into town to find a belt, but may have found a few other little gems as I strolled around. On the plus side, I did actually get my belt. Just a quick note of the shops that I went into, I went into New Look, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Next, Marks and Spencer, Urban Outfitters, River Island, Jack Wills, Topshop, Fat Face and Zara. I have to admit, I really wasn't impressed with Miss Selfridge at all nor with Jack Wills. I ended up buying a few things from New Look and Zara. I am also finding Topshop extremely overpriced at the moment, £12 for a basic black t-shirt? It's crazy!

I must also add, from what I brought at New Look, I used my student discount, but here is the prices below!

1. Simple Buckle Belt - New Look (£2.99 plus £0.30 discount =£2.69)
2. Black Ottoman Stitch Jumper - New Look (£19.99 plus £2.00 discount = £17.99)
3. Long Sleeve Stripe T-shirt - Zara (£9.99)
4. Black Print T-shirt - Zara (£15.99)
5. Shawl Black Cross - Zara (£19.99)

So as you can tell, Im wrapping up for winter and at the moment, my wardrobe is going to be looking very black, but you can't go wrong in black, can you? Autumn is my favourite time of year, and I can't wait to see the styles going around. Zara is one of my favourite shops around, and if you shop right, can be cheaper than your Topshop or River Island at times. The shawl is extremely soft and extremely big, great to snuggle up to when I fall asleep in lectures. I was torn between this one and a red/yellow and black shawl. Who knows, I may end up treating myself to the other one later in the year! I lost my classic black jumper, one item I feel everyone should own, earlier on in the year, previously from Urban Outfitters. For some reason I forgot to pack any belts to bring to uni, so i thought that it was a good investment and the other two tops I couldn't resist!

Some other things to add to the list are; a nice winter coat, some long, knee high black boots, a checkered shirt and maybe some jewellery? Hoping Santa will be good to me this year! Where are you hauling your autumn/winter collection from?

Laura x

An Apology, A Reason and A Resolution!

I have been gone for almost a month off of blogging, which is really not okay! So a massive sorry for my lack of posting but a very good reason why!

In the middle of September I went on holiday to the lovely city of Pisa with my family. However, two days after I came back, I was set to start university… again. I went to University last year however due to many different reasons, I decided that the place I was at wasn't for me! However I was still keen to go to university so I have re-started my studies down in the south and hence why I have had a very hectic month. Getting all of my things together, settling in, freshers round two, eventually unpacking and starting a whole different course, along with 3-4 assignments a week, I hope you can understand why I have only just gotten around to blogging again!

On the plus side, I have a really lovely flat, there's 3 building with over 1200 students in total in my complex, so I've gotten the chance to meet an amazing array of people. Despite the fact we have just had our 14th fire alarm in just under a month, I can promise it isn't my cooking that setting it off. I am loving my course, no matter how intense and crazy hard it is, and I have met some really great people too. I have also taken up First Aid, Trampolining and my Subject society plus going out 2-3 times a week to some great clubs.

Anyway, hopefully now I've got in the swing of things, I will try to be better at multi-tasking! I will try and put a post up by this evening, and once again, sorry for being MIA.

Laura x

22 Sep 2014

Glossybox September 2014

I am loving the new boxes recently! I really do love them. The new shape is a lot more concise and the matte finish is much better than the glossy finish, the irony. Should they be called Matteboxes instead?

The cute design on the front of the box representing the london skyline in association with London Fashion Week was a really lovely idea, and moreover, it was associated with Karen Millen. I was pretty happy with my box this month, although I'd have preferred the oil to the masque.

1. Skin Pep - Enzyme and Acid Peel & Peeling Gel
Theses little sachets are supposed to be 'highly effective' in making your skin look tight and bright. This is something I am excited to try as my skin is looking a tad dull at the moment, especially going into winter.

2. Nail Inc - Matte Top Coat
I can never have enough nail varnish. It is surprisingly expensive! Particularly clear varnish, really was due a top up. So I'm more than happy to have received a Nail Inc product.

It matches my eyebrow colour which is a great start. It would have been pretty useless otherwise. I guess the obsession with big brows hasn't quite ended yet. I'm not complaining, it seems decent but I already have a pretty good pencil brush.

4. L'Oreal Professionel - Mythic Mask
This seems like a pretty nice product, but like I said before I'd rather have had the oil. I didn't think there were any instructions on how to use or for how long but it does say on the little card paper & it looks very creamy and it's a well trusted brand.

5. Vichy - Normaderm Night Detox & Hydrating Care
This little tubes are supposed to be able to fight adult blemishes. As I am 19 years old, I can't think of anything more that I need right now for my skin. I really want to see if this works due to the fact I have try so many similar products, but we will see!

Overall I think the box was a winner. There was a lot for the skin which makes sense now were going into gloomy winter days. Im going to have to test extensively due to the fact that most of these are sample size and the
bigger versions all cost a lot more. Happy Autumn!

Laura x

7 Sep 2014

What would I do without my Tangle Teezer?

I thought this was a very good question to answer. I never really buy into this gimmicks when people say 'oh but its miraculous' because most of the time its just to bump sales or just an exaggeration. Then a few friends told me I had to get one because now they don't need any other hairbrush and it take the knots out of your hair with no fuss. So from reading a review to having people tell me to my face how good it is, made me think I should try it. Then a few more people told me about it and I thought, ok, Ill give it a go.

The people that have Tangle Teezer's will know the answer to the question already. Yes, it does actually work. In the description of the product, this is what it says;

'Tangle Teezer The Original professional detangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!'

I can honestly say, the no pulling, tugging or yanking is definitely true. I have all my knots and tangles out in about 30 seconds. I have nothing but praise for this cheeky little thing. The teeth are patented, which is a good idea considering how well it works. My mum even asked where I got it, what it is and if I could buy her one, and of course I did. I have the purple and pink and she has the blue and pink one. 

In one of my first posts, I posted 10 things I want to try this year, and I got round to this one on my list. It is without a doubt one of the best detangling hair products out there. You don't need all these fancy sprays or chemicals, this is it. If you want to treat yourself to one, the link is here. It comes in an array of bright colours and even some fun prints, so take a look.

Laura x

29 Aug 2014


So I went to Berlin, Germany with a few friends in mid August and had an incredible time. We stayed in an apartment run by Berlin Base, very modern and very chic. We had our own little kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room and two bedrooms along with a balcony and access to an upstairs terrace. It was blissful. It was incredible how much we managed to squeeze into just 5 days, and we were lucky enough to be near a good transport link. We took the train or 'Uber' everyday to get where we wanted, and we took ourselves to several hotspots.
Firstly to mention a certain Sir David Attenborough was on our flight, not that we noticed until we got to the other side and unfortunately we weren't able to get any cheeky selfies because we were too shy! Once we arrived at our apartments, myself and a friend went to get some ice cream from a local shop and then we also went to a local supermarket, got some food, and by the end of the evening we were eating watermelon on the terrace watching the sunset.

The following day, we went to the TV Tower and also a cute market where some bandanas were brought, had some nice food and also went to see the Berlin Dome. The views from the TV Tower were panoramic and you were able to see all over Berlin, beautiful. After lots of selfies and drawing in on the grass, we headed back for the day.

Our third day was very chilled, mainly for the hectic night ahead. We saw the Sony Center which to be honest, was a slight let down, mainly filled with restaurant. But the museum we visited was very interesting and saw some modern and old take of art. Then came the hours of preparation for the night ahead. None of us wanted to get too smashed in a foreign country, but we still had a great night. We went to a place called SODA club, which was obviously a hotspot for the locals. It actually played decent music and we had a good night. 

The following day meant we didn't get out of the apartments till 3. However, we did visit the sunday market which made us feel like we visited a real hearty part of Berlin. It was filled out with locals playing music, drinking, stalls and not to forget us getting our hair braids. It was a great atmosphere. Later that day, we also visited The Reichstag, the government building. Again the views were insane but the dome at the top was even more incredible. From inside the dome, you could look down and see the government seats. On the way back to the 'Uber' we saw The Brandenburg Gate, which was without a doubt on of my favourite things I saw. I can't quite explain why, but the way it held itself in the middle of the square and the area around it, including Michael Jacksons famous incident of holding the baby out of the hotel room, meant that it was quite a sight, and a lot bigger than I thought.

On the last day, we visited a famous church that was bombed down in one of the World Wars. A more modern church was opposite it, which had quite an original take. Not to mention another favourite place of mine, The Holocaust War Memorial. It was an absolute site to behold, just down the road from the Brandenburg Gate, which we visited again. It was breathtaking how it was laid out, an absolute maze.

Finally, we saw a part of the Berlin Wall, which shocked me reading how recent this was. Only in the 1980's. If you find the trail of the wall, it can actually be traced around the city, so it's quite fun if you have time to follow it whilst sight seeing. Before we knew it, we were on the plane home to a cold and wet England.

Laura x

26 Aug 2014


Too many events at once!

I love the Emmy's for two reasons; firstly for the amount of effort everyone puts into their outfits, and also because Jim Parsons has won for the fourth time in a row this year for his role in The Big Bang Theory.

So down to whats what, and who wore what, and who's who?

-Taylor Schilling
-Claire Danes
-Sarah Hyland

-Katherine Heigl
-Mindy Kaling
-Lena Durham

Taylor Schilling really dazzled at the Emmy's and got it spot on. A really amazing dress. The thing I noticed most about Claire Danes is her hair. It looks effortlessly chic. Hyland's two piece works extremely well together and her hair is done just right for the outfit.

The first thing that came to my mind seeing Heigl was the dress Sandra Bullock wore in The Proposal. I really thing this is more flab that fab. All over Mindy's outfit looks frumpy and Lena looks like a flamingo gone wrong.

Very happy Modern Family won Comedy Series and Jim Parsons won Comedy Actor.

Laura x

25 Aug 2014

VMAS - The Best and The Worst

So another awards show means I can love and hate more wardrobe choices. Having flicked through some of the outfits earlier, I was beyond unimpressed overall. In no order...
The 6 worst: 

The 4 Best:

Was Katy Perry channeling an old Britney? I'm not a fan of double denim on a good day but a full length dress? please no! As expected, half hair up and half down with Ariana, but I feel she's overly compensating for her baby face, stripper boots? Taylor was the least worst, but I had to put her on the list as it looked like she had some seriously tight below issues. Must have been uncomfortable but she does have good legs. Lambert looked like she was wearing her grandmas curtains and Amber Rose was barely wearing enough clothes to call it a dress. Finally Syd is on the list due to the fact at first glance, it looked like a sparkly bin bag wrapped around her.

On a better note, Lucy Hale was my favourite and really caught the vibe of the event with matching fuchsia shoes too. My second favourite was Ingrid Nelson, again really loved this outfit for the event. I wasn't overly wowed by J-Lo's dress, but somehow she pulled it off. Anyone else couldn't dare do the same. Victoria Justice nailed the fun vibe although didn't love the shoes. And Nina just all round got in on the nail. Lastly, bonus points to Behati and Adam as it was their first red carpet appearance since their marriage, awww! Plus she rocked all black and the shoes are amazing. 

Laura x

Top 5 Songs for this Week

I was looking through my playlist and say several songs that I thought were on point this week, and thought I'd share my top 5. Some are new songs, some are old, but they're still pretty damn great.






Bang Bang was a song that has grown on me, and It's one that has really stuck in my head. Real I have had on my iTunes for a while, and it's one of my most played songs, It just has that vibe for me. Any music from George Ezra is great but this song is so simple and lovely, how can you not favour it? I saw Jake Bugg at Reading Festival on the weekend and wow is he amazing! definitely converted. Finally, One Republic hit out with a real tune that is on repeat 24/7. Tune.

Laura x